Pipe and drum badges are decorative insignia worn by members of pipe bands and drum corps, typically as part of their uniform. These badges often carry symbols, emblems, or designs that represent the band’s identity, heritage, or affiliations. Here are some key points regarding pipe and drum badges:

  • Band Identity: play a crucial role in representing the identity of the pipe band or drum corps. They often feature symbols, colors, or motifs associated with the band’s heritage, location, or historical background.
  • Emblems: Common emblems on badges may include clan crests, regional symbols, military insignia, or other meaningful icons.
  • Glengarry or Balmoral: In pipe bands, badges are often worn on the headgear, such as the glengarry or balmoral bonnet. These badges can be attached to the cap badge, which is usually centered on the front of the headgear.