In the context of Scottish military and ceremonial dress, Feather Plum Hackle are often associated with Glengarry and Balmoral caps, which are traditional Scottish headwear worn as part of certain uniforms. Here’s how feather plum hackles are typically used in this context

  • The Glengarry cap is a traditional Scottish cap with a boat-shaped body and a toorie (pom-pom) on top.
  • Feather plum hackle are attached to the side of the Glengarry cap, often near the band or ribbon.
  • The color of the hackle may have significance depending on the regiment or unit. Different colors may represent different military distinctions or affiliations.
  • The Balmoral cap is another traditional Scottish cap, but it has a distinctive flat top and a ribbon hanging down the back.
  • Similar to the Glengarry, feather plum hackles are often affixed to the Balmoral cap, usually on the same side as the ribbons.