THISTLE ROSE ENTERPRISES was incorporated in 2012; we have secured a prominent position as a reputed manufacturer and exporter of Highland Dress Accessories | Drum Major Mace | Musical Instruments | Vellum Drum Heads | Drum Hoops Frame Rims etc.

Bagpipe, Practice Chanter, Drone Cord Silk, Reed, Bombard Chanter, Semi Dress Sporrans, Daywear Sporrans, Horse Hair Sporrans, Tartan Kilt, Hybrid Kit, Utility Kilt, Kilt Belt, Prince Charlie and Argyll Jackets, Pipe Band Doublets, Glengarry, Balmorals Caps, Brooches, Kilt Pins, Pipe Band Outfit, Drum Major Mace, Vellum Drum Head Goat and Calf Skin, Shamanic Drum, Drum Hoops Willow Ash Wood, Etc.

We also provide best quality of Spats, Band Major Mace, Diced Hose Top, Celtic, buckles, Irish, Products, Feather Hackles, Waist Belt, Piper Cross Belt, Drummer Cross Belt, Sam Browne Belt, Kilt Hose, Sock, Embroidery Uniform Badge, Bagpipe Drone Cord, Musical Instruments, Scottish Wear,

We will welcome yours query & feedback anytime and in response we will give you proper services smoothly and please if you have any more question about our products so don’t feel hesitation to ask us, furthermore we can also produce items according yours own pattern & requirements and for yours entire satisfaction we can send you samples for approval, so please evaluate to us in yours market for sale our products and finally we hope you will be favour to us in this regard.

Thistle Rose Enterprises