Sporrans are an important and distinctive element of Highland dress, contributing to the overall elegance and symbolism of traditional Scottish attire.

Dress Sporran: These are often worn on formal occasions and are more decorative. They typically have a fur front, often made from animal pelts such as rabbit or horsehair, and are adorned with decorative features like tassels, metalwork, and a decorative cantle (the metal piece on the front).

    • Day Sporran: These are simpler and more practical for everyday wear. They may have a leather or fabric front and a less elaborate design compared to dress sporrans.
    • Usage and Occasions:
      • Formal Events: Dress sporrans are commonly worn for formal events such as weddings, ceilidhs, and other special occasions where full Highland dress is appropriate.
      • Casual Wear: Day sporrans are suitable for more casual or everyday wear and can be paired with a kilt for various events.