A boys kilts is a traditional Scottish garment designed for young boys. It shares many features with the adult male kilt but is tailored to fit a child’s size. Here are the typical components of a boys’ kilt

Kilt: The kilt is the central piece of the outfit. It is a knee-length skirt made of tartan fabric. The tartan pattern often represents a specific clan or family. The kilt is pleated at the back and may have a flat apron at the front.

Sporran: Like in the adult outfit, boys’ kilts are often worn with a sporran. A sporran is a decorative pouch that hangs in front of the kilt. It is attached to a chain or leather strap and serves both a functional and ornamental purpose.

Jacobite Shirt: Boys often wear a Jacobite shirt, a loose-fitting, collared shirt with a drawstring closure at the neck. The shirt may have billowy sleeves.

Kilt Pin: A decorative pin fastened to the front apron of the kilt. While it serves a functional purpose by securing the apron, it is also a decorative element.