• Boys and Ladies Outfit

    Boys and Ladies Outfit (37)

    The Highland outfit, traditionally associated with Scottish culture, includes distinctive clothing and accessories for both men and women. Here's an overview of the traditional Highland outfits for boys and ladies outfit: Boys typically wear a kilt made of tartan fabric. The tartan pattern often represents the wearer's clan or family. The kilt is worn around the waist and extends to…
  • Drum Hoops

    Drum Hoops (10)

    Drum hoops also known as drum rims or drum hoop, are the circular metal or wooden rings that encircle the drum's shell and secure the drumhead in place. They play a crucial role in shaping the drum's sound and providing stability to the drumhead. Drum hoops come in various materials, designs, and sizes, and their characteristics can influence the overall…
  • Drum Major Mace

    Drum Major Mace (17)

    A drum major mace is a ceremonial staff or baton carried by the drum major, a leadership figure in marching bands, drum corps, and other musical ensembles. The drum major is responsible for leading and directing the musicians during performances and parades. The mace serves both practical and symbolic purposes. The primary function of the  is to conduct the ensemble.…
  • Embroidered Items

    Embroidered Items (8)

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  • Highland Wear

    Highland Wear (264)

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  • Musical Instruments

    Musical Instruments (76)

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  • Scottish Wear

    Scottish Wear (13)

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  • Shaman Drum

    Shaman Drum (1)

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  • Utility Kilt

    Utility Kilt (4)

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  • Vellum Parchment

    Vellum Parchment (3)

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