Flags, pennants, and banners are decorative elements that serve various purposes, from signaling and communication to expression of identity, celebration, or promotion. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. Flags:
    • Definition: Flags are rectangular or square pieces of fabric attached to a pole or rope. They often bear symbols, colors, or emblems representing a country, organization, or cause.
    • Use: Flags have diverse uses, such as national flags representing countries, state flags, military flags, maritime flags for communication at sea, and flags for events or celebrations.
  2. Pennants:
    • Definition: Pennants are elongated triangular flags, often tapered to a point. They can be small or large and are commonly used for decorative or promotional purposes.
    • Use: Sports teams, schools, and organizations often use pennants to display team colors, mascots, or logos. They are also popular at events and as decorative items.
  3. Banners:
    • Definition: Banners are large pieces of fabric, often rectangular or square, with designs, colors, or messages. They are usually hung horizontally or vertically.
    • Use: Banners are versatile and serve various purposes. They can be used for advertising, promoting events, conveying messages, or adding a festive atmosphere to celebrations. Street banners, protest banners, and business banners are common examples.
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