Officer sticks could refer to a couple of different things depending on the context. Here are two possible interpretations:

  1. Ceremonial Baton or Swagger Stick: In military or police contexts, an officer stick might refer to a ceremonial baton or swagger stick. These are short sticks carried by officers as a symbol of authority and are often part of dress or ceremonial uniforms. They’re not used as weapons but rather as symbols of command and authority during formal events.
    1. NCO or Warrant Officer Rank Insignia: In some military traditions, particularly in the British Army, the term “officer stick” might colloquially refer to a warrant officer’s pace stick. A pace stick is a long stick used by warrant officers and senior non-commissioned officers to measure the correct length of a marching pace. It is often a symbol of experience and leadership.

    To provide more accurate information, I would need additional context or details about the specific type of “officer sticks” you are referring to.