A “kilt package” typically refers to a set or ensemble that includes various components of traditional Scottish Highland dress. These are often designed to provide individuals with a complete outfit for special occasions, events, or ceremonies. The contents of a kilt can vary, but they generally include key elements of Scottish wear.

  1. Kilt: The centerpiece of the package is, of course, the kilt itself. Kilts are typically made from tartan fabric, representing a specific clan or pattern.
  2. Sporran: A sporran is a small pouch worn in front of the kilt, attached by a chain or leather strap. It serves both a functional and decorative purpose.
  3. Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat (Vest): For formal occasions, a kilt jacket and waistcoat may be included in the package. The jacket is often adorned with decorative buttons.
  4. Bonnet: A traditional Scottish bonnet, such as the Glengarry or Balmoral bonnet, may be part of the ensemble.