Scottish headwear is an integral part of traditional Scottish Highland dress, often worn on formal occasions, weddings, ceilidhs, Highland games, and other events. Various types of headwear are associated with different styles of Scottish dress. Here are some notable examples:

  1. Balmoral Bonnet:
    • The Balmoral bonnet is a traditional Scottish cap with a flat top, a ribbon hanging down the back, and a pom-pom on top. It is commonly worn with day or casual Highland dress.
  2. Glengarry Bonnet:
    • The Glengarry bonnet is a cap with a boat-shaped body and a toorie (pom-pom) on top. It is often worn with military or civilian Highland dress and is associated with Scottish regiments.
  3. Tam O’Shanter:
    • The Tam O’Shanter is a distinctive Scottish hat with a flat crown, a pom-pom on top, and a floppy brim. It is often associated with Scottish folk culture and is worn for casual or festive occasions.
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