The Glengarry cap is a traditional Scottish cap that originated in the early 19th century. It is often associated with Scottish military and civilian dress and has distinct features that make it easily recognizable

The Glengarry cap typically has a small, stiff, and flat crown with straight sides. It has a defined brim that extends all the way around the cap.

The cap often features a toorie, a decorative pom-pom or tuft, on top of the crown. The toorie can be a different color than the cap itself and adds a distinctive element to the design.

In military contexts, especially within Scottish regiments, the Glengarry may feature regimental insignia, badges, or cap badges on the front or side. The design can vary depending on the specific military unit.

While historically associated with military dress, the Glengarry is also worn as part of civilian attire, particularly during formal events, Scottish ceremonies, or as part of traditional Scottish dress.