Highland wear refers to the traditional Scottish clothing worn, especially on formal or ceremonial occasions. It is deeply rooted in Scottish culture and is often associated with events such as weddings, ceilidhs, Highland games, and other significant gatherings.

  1. Kilt: The kilt is a knee-length skirt with pleats at the back, originating from the traditional dress of Scottish Highlanders. Kilts are made from tartan fabric, and the specific tartan pattern may have familial or regional significance.
  2. Sporran:
    • A sporran is a pouch worn around the waist, hanging in front of the kilt. It serves both as a decorative element and a practical accessory for carrying small items.
  3. Kilt Pin:
    • A kilt pin is attached to the front apron of the kilt for both decorative and functional purposes. It adds weight to the apron and prevents it from lifting in windy conditions.
  4. Ghillie Brogues:
    • Ghillie brogues are traditional Scottish shoes with laces that wrap around the ankles. They are often worn with kilt outfits.
  5. Sgian Dubh:
    • The sgian dubh is a small, single-edged knife that is typically worn in the sock on the same side as the dominant hand. It is both a traditional accessory and a practical tool.
  6. Jacket and Waistcoat:
    • Highland Wear The jacket and waistcoat worn with Highland dress are typically made from a matching or complementary tartan. The style of the jacket can vary, with Prince Charlie and Argyll jackets being common choices.
  7. Shirt and Tie: A white shirt and tie are worn under the jacket and waistcoat. The tie may also feature a tartan pattern.
  8. Belt and Buckle: A wide belt, often made of leather and featuring a decorative buckle, is worn with the kilt. The buckle may incorporate clan symbols or other Scottish motifs.
  • Balmoral Cap

    Balmoral Cap (10)

    The Balmoral cap is a traditional Scottish hat that is often worn as part of Scottish Highland dress. It is also known as the Balmoral bonnet or Glengarry bonnet. In traditional Scottish attire,  worn as part of the Balmoral ensemble, which includes a Balmoral bonnet, a kilt, sporran, and other Highland dress accessories. The cap may have a pom-pom or…
  • Belt Buckles

    Belt Buckles (10)

    In Scottish Highland dress, the belt buckle is an important and distinctive accessory. The traditional Scottish belt buckle is often worn as part of the kilt outfit and is known for its ornate design and symbolic significance. Here are some key features and details about Scottish belt buckles Design: Traditional Scottish belt buckles are often large and ornamental, featuring intricate…
  • Feather Plum Hackle

    Feather Plum Hackle (14)

    In the context of Scottish military and ceremonial dress, Feather Plum Hackle are often associated with Glengarry and Balmoral caps, which are traditional Scottish headwear worn as part of certain uniforms. Here's how feather plum hackles are typically used in this context The Glengarry cap is a traditional Scottish cap with a boat-shaped body and a toorie (pom-pom) on top.…
  • Full Dress Sporrans

    Full Dress Sporrans (30)

    A full dress sporrans is a type of sporran worn as part of traditional Scottish Highland dress, particularly during formal or ceremonial occasions. The sporran is a pouch or purse worn on the front of a kilt, and it serves both a practical and decorative purpose. Full dress sporran are typically more ornate and elaborate than daywear sporran, making them…
  • Glengarry Cap

    Glengarry Cap (7)

    The Glengarry cap is a traditional Scottish cap that originated in the early 19th century. It is often associated with Scottish military and civilian dress and has distinct features that make it easily recognizable The Glengarry cap typically has a small, stiff, and flat crown with straight sides. It has a defined brim that extends all the way around the…
  • Highland Footwear

    Highland Footwear (19)

    Highland Footwear typically refers to shoes or boots designed for use in the Scottish Highlands or similar rugged and challenging terrains. These types of footwear are often associated with traditional Scottish attire, such as kilts and other Highland dress. Ghillie Brogues: These are a type of traditional Scottish shoe worn with kilt outfits. Ghillie brogues typically have laces that wrap…
  • Horsehair Sporran

    Horsehair Sporran (6)

    Horsehair Sporran is a traditional Scottish pouch or purse that is part of the Highland dress. It is worn with a kilt and is attached to the front of the kilt by a chain or leather strap. The sporran serves both a practical and decorative purpose, providing a place to store small items and adding a touch of flair to…
  • Kilt Belts

    Kilt Belts (3)

    In traditional Scottish Highland dress, kilt belts are an essential accessory worn with kilts. These belts serve both functional and decorative purposes, enhancing the overall appearance of the Highland outfit. Buckle: often larger and more ornate than those on everyday belts. It may showcase Celtic knotwork, clan symbols, or other traditional Scottish designs. Formal and Casual Wear: suitable for various…
  • Kilt Jackets

    Kilt Jackets (9)

    Kilt jackets are an integral part of traditional Scottish Highland dress, completing the formal ensemble when worn with a kilt. These jackets are tailored to complement the distinctive style of the kilt and are often worn for special events, ceremonies, or formal occasions. Here are some common types of kilt jackets: Prince Charlie Jacket: Style: The Prince Charlie jacket is…
  • Kilt Pin

    Kilt Pin (16)

    A kilt pin is a decorative, functional accessory worn on the front apron of a kilt. While not essential for securing the kilt (as it is typically held in place by straps and buckles), adds a touch of flair to the overall Highland dress and serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. it's important to ensure that it is attached securely…
  • Kilts

    Kilts (16)

    A kilt is a type of traditional Scottish garment that is most often associated with men's Highland dress. It is a knee-length skirt-like garment made of woolen cloth and is typically pleated at the rear. Kilts are considered a symbol of Scottish and Celtic heritage and are commonly worn for formal occasions, Highland games, and other events. Here are some…
  • Metal Badges for Cap

    Metal Badges for Cap (10)

    Metal Badges for Cap including Glengarry and Balmoral caps, are often decorative elements that add flair and customization to these traditional Scottish headpieces. These badges are typically crafted from metal, such as brass or pewter, and they feature various designs and symbols that hold significance in Scottish culture. Here are some key points about metal badges for caps: Designs and…
  • Pipe and Drum Badges

    Pipe and Drum Badges (18)

    Pipe and drum badges are decorative insignia worn by members of pipe bands and drum corps, typically as part of their uniform. These badges often carry symbols, emblems, or designs that represent the band's identity, heritage, or affiliations. Here are some key points regarding pipe and drum badges: Band Identity: play a crucial role in representing the identity of the…
  • Pipe Band Doublets

    Pipe Band Doublets (11)

    Scottish Pipe Band Doublets are part of the traditional Scottish Highland dress worn by members of pipe bands. The doublet is a jacket that forms an integral part of the uniform, adding a touch of formality and distinction to the overall ensemble. Here are some key features and aspects of Scottish pipe band doublets: Materials: Wool: Traditional doublets are commonly…
  • Plaids

    Plaids (20)

    In general usage, a "plaids" often refers to a patterned fabric consisting of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. This pattern is also known as a tartan. Scottish Tartans: In Scottish culture, different clans have their own unique tartan patterns. Each tartan is associated with a specific clan or family, and the patterns are often used in kilts,…
  • Scottish Brooch

    Scottish Brooch (23)

    A Scottish brooch, often referred to as a "kilt pin" or a "plaid brooch," is a decorative pin worn with traditional Scottish Highland dress. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes, adding a touch of adornment to the attire and securing the layers of fabric. Here are key points about Scottish brooches: Designs and Motifs: Scottish brooches come in a…
  • Sporrans

    Sporrans (37)

    Sporrans are an important and distinctive element of Highland dress, contributing to the overall elegance and symbolism of traditional Scottish attire. Dress Sporran: These are often worn on formal occasions and are more decorative. They typically have a fur front, often made from animal pelts such as rabbit or horsehair, and are adorned with decorative features like tassels, metalwork, and…
  • Waist and Cross Belts

    Waist and Cross Belts (8)

    In traditional Scottish Highland dress, waist belts and cross belts are integral components of the uniform worn by members of pipe bands and other Highland ensembles. Leather: Waist belts are typically made of leather, providing durability and a classic appearance. Width and Buckle: The width of the belt may vary, and it is often secured with a buckle. The buckle…