A drum major accessories is a leadership role in marching bands or drum corps, and they often wear distinctive uniforms and accessories that set them apart from other members. The accessories worn by a drum major are both functional and symbolic, helping them lead and command the ensemble. Here are some common drum major accessories

  1. Mace or Baton: The drum major typically carries a mace or baton, which serves as a visual focal point and aids in directing the musicians. The mace is often ornately designed and can be used to give signals to the ensemble.
  2. Gloves: White gloves are a standard part of a drum major’s uniform. They add a polished and formal touch to the overall appearance, and they also make hand signals and movements more visible.
  3. Shako or Busby Hat: The headgear worn by drum majors is often more elaborate than that of other band members. A shako or busby hat, adorned with plumes, cords, and a distinctive band insignia, is commonly worn to symbolize authority and leadership.
  4. Sash or Baldric: A decorative sash or baldric is worn diagonally across the chest and shoulder. This accessory is often adorned with the band’s colors or insignia, emphasizing the drum major’s leadership role.
  5. Aiguillette: An aiguillette is a decorative braided cord worn on the shoulder, usually indicating a high rank or position. Drum majors may wear aiguillettes to further distinguish their role within the marching band.
  6. Cape or Cloak: Some drum majors wear a cape or cloak as part of their uniform. This not only adds a sense of drama and flair but can also enhance the visual impact of their movements during performances.