Sam Browne Belt quality leather with brass fittings

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Sam Brown Belts Heavy-gauge metal buckle and hardware.

quality leather with brass fittings

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Sam browne Belt width 2 1/4” (57mm)  Brown with Gold fitting 2 D rings, one brac
The best way to check the size of your Sam brown is to wear your Tunic dress and measure around the position you wear the belt.

Our belt sizes Brace (shoulder Strap) will fit as below:
Size: 30 (fit to from 28 inches to 32 inches).
Brace length 31 to 35 inches
Size: 32 (fit to from 30 inches to 34 inches).
Brace length 34 to 38 inches
Size: 34 (fit to from 32 inches to 36 inches).
Brace length 36 to 40 inches
Size 36 (fit to from 34 inches to 38 inches).
Brace length 38 to 42 inches
Size: 38 (fit to from 36 inches to 40 inches).
Brace length 40 to 44 inches
Size: 40 (fit to from 38 inches to 42 inches).
Brace length 41 to 45 inches
Size: 42 (fit to from 40 inches to 44 inches).
Brace length 44 to 48 inches
Size: 44 (fit to from 42 inches to 46 inches).
Brace length 46 to 50 inches
Size: 46 (fit to from 44inches to 48 inches).
Brace length 48 to 52 inches
Size: 48(fit to from 46inches to 50 inches).

Brace length 50 to 54 inches
Fit to form 50 to 52


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