Drum Major Mace Malacca Cane Nickel Plated Head

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Malacca cane is a type of rattan, known for its flexibility, durability, and attractive appearance. The use of Malacca cane in the shaft of the drum major mace adds a traditional and classic touch.

The head of the mace is nickel-plated. Nickel plating involves applying a thin layer of nickel onto the surface of another metal, often for decorative purposes or to provide corrosion resistance. A nickel-plated head can give the mace a shiny, metallic appearance.


Drum Major’s mace malacca cane nickel plated chain and nickel plated ferrules with nickel plated trumpet shape head and nickel plated crown rampant lion on the top of mace use for pipe bands drum majors.

Mace has 5 different sizes 54″ | 57″ | 58″ | 60″ | 64″. Mace comes with a free soft carry case.

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60 inches, 56 inches, 54 inches


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