Goat Skin natural hair use for Djembe Bodhran Snare Drum

Djembe: The goat skin, with its natural hair intact, is often used as the drumhead for Djembe drums. The hair can add a distinctive buzz or rattle to the sound, contributing to the instrument’s characteristic timbre.

Bodhran: Goat skin is a popular choice for the playing surface of Bodhran drums. The natural hair left on the skin can create a slightly rougher texture, which can help produce a variety of tones and articulations when played with a tipper or beater.

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This is quality vellum which doesn’t need any kind of finishing after fitting. Skin Color shape may be different than pictures.

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  • Thin = 6 mil = approximately 0.04 of an inch Diameter or 3-4 sheets of printer paper
  • Medium = 9 mil = approximately 0.08 of an inch Diameter or 4-5 sheets of printer paper

Skin-Head Size Chart

Skin Size Hoop Head Size
12″ Skin 7.25″ or smaller Head
14″ Skin 7.5 – 8.75″ Head
16″ Skin 9 – 10″ Head
18″ Skin 11″ Head
22″ Skin 12 – 14″ Head
26″ Skin 14.25 – 18.5″ Head
36″ Skin 18.75 – 29″ Head
40″ Skin 30 – 33″ Head


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