Vellum Drum Heads Calf Skin Transparent Cloudy 16″

Calfskin: This specifies the type of animal skin used to make the drumhead. Calfskin drumheads are renowned for their rich, warm tone and are often preferred by percussionists for their traditional sound quality.


Flat round piece of Calf Skin 16”, TRANSPARENT CLOUDY

  • Medium = approximately 0.015 of an inch or 4-5 sheets of printer paper

Natural skins should be soaked in fresh water until pliable. We suggest you check the progress every 5 -10 minutes. The thickness of the head also determines the length of time necessary to make the skin pliable. Thin heads require less time to become pliable. Skins should NOT be soaked past the point when they are pliable. Over soaking passed the pliability limit will cause the natural head to break down thereby causing an animal smell and a head that is unusable.


Additional information

Skin Thickness

Ultra Thin = 3 mil, Thin = 6 mil, Medium = 9 mil, Thick = 14 mil


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