Baby White Jacobite Scottish Ghillie Shirt

  1. Jacobite Shirt: The Jacobite shirt is a style of shirt with distinctive features such as a lace-up front, loose fit, and billowy sleeves gathered at the cuffs. It draws inspiration from the attire worn by Jacobite rebels in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  2. Ghillie Shirt: The term “Ghillie” typically refers to a type of Scottish shoe, but it’s also used to describe shirts with a lace-up front, similar to the Jacobite style. In the case of a baby Ghillie shirt, this lace-up front is often for decorative purposes rather than functional.

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Babies White Jacobite Scottish Ghillie Shirt, Four pairs of metal eyelets for leather thong closure to front, Spread collar, Loose sleeves with matching double buttons to cuffs, 100% Cotton, Machine wash 30 deg, warm iron

Age Group Chest
0 – 6 Months 20”(50cm)
6 – 12 Months 24”(60cm)
12 – 24 Months 29”(74cm)
2 – 3 Years 30″(76cm)


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