Vellum Drum Head Goat Skin Transparent

Transparent: This describes the appearance of the drumhead. “Transparent” indicates that the drumhead is see-through, allowing light to pass through it. This transparency may provide a unique visual effect and can be desirable for certain artistic or decorative purposes.


Vellum Drum Head Goat Skin Transparent Cloudy For Shamanic Drum

Sizes available 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30, 32,36,40 inches

Thin = 6 mil = approximately 0.04 of an inch Diameter or 3-4 sheets of printer paper

  • Medium = 9 mil = approximately 0.08 of an inch Diameter or 4-5 sheets of printer paper

Additional information

Skin Thickness

Ultra Thin = 3 mil, Thin = 6 mil, Medium = 9 mil, Thick = 14 mil


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