Fly plaid brooch Irish Harp Lady Antique finish

  1. Irish Harp Lady: This describes the design or motif of the brooch. In this case, it features an image or representation of an Irish harp with a lady, likely a symbol of Ireland and its culture. The harp is a significant symbol in Irish culture, often associated with music, tradition, and national identity.
  2. Antique Finish: This indicates the style or finish of the brooch. An antique finish gives the brooch a weathered or aged appearance, typically achieved through special treatments or techniques. This finish adds depth and character to the brooch, giving it a vintage or heirloom quality.

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Antique finish fly plaid brooch thistle ring with Irish harp lady crest, across approx 8.2 cm in diameter pin at the back to secure it onto your fly plaid


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