Men Black Watch Tartan Waistcoat

  1. Highland Wear Specialists: Look for retailers or online stores that specialize in Highland wear or Scottish attire. These establishments often carry a range of traditional garments, including waistcoats tailored specifically for wearing with kilts and other Highland dress.
  2. Traditional Design: Opt for a waistcoat with traditional Scottish design elements, such as Celtic knotwork patterns or thistle embroidery. While you’re seeking a plain black waistcoat, these subtle embellishments can add a touch of Scottish heritage and character to your ensemble.

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Men Black Watch Tartan Waistcoat

Fully lined
Satin back with strap and buckle
Button through front – Thistle design square metal buttons
Front pockets to each side
Made of acrylic wool

Size Chest Approx Full Length
36 36”(91.5cm) 24”(61.0cm)
38 38”(96.5cm) 24”(61.0cm)
40 40”(101.5cm)      24”(61.0cm)
42 42”(106.5cm)      24”(61.0cm)
44 44”(112.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
46 46”(117.0cm) 24”(61.0cm)
48 48”(122.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
50 50”(127.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
52 52”(132.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)


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