Mens Plain Black Waistcoat (Vest)

For a Highland Scottish-themed event or if you’re aiming to complement traditional Scottish attire like a kilt, you’ll want a waistcoat that aligns with the style and aesthetic of Highland dress.

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Mens Plain Black Waistcoat (Vest)

Fully lined
Satin back with strap and buckle
Button through front – Thistle design square metal buttons
Front pockets to each side, Made of acrylic wool

Size Chest Approx Full Length
36 36”(91.5cm) 24”(61.0cm)
38 38”(96.5cm) 24”(61.0cm)
40 40”(101.5cm)      24”(61.0cm)
42 42”(106.5cm)      24”(61.0cm)
44 44”(112.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
46 46”(117.0cm) 24”(61.0cm)
48 48”(122.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
50 50”(127.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)
52 52”(132.0cm)      24”(61.0cm)


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