Horse hair Sporran white body black tassels Lion Rampant

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A sporran is a pouch that is worn as part of traditional Scottish Highland dress, typically positioned in the front of the kilt.

  1. White Body: This refers to the main body or front flap of the sporran being white. Sporrans can come in various materials, including leather or fur.
  2. Black Tassels: Tassels are often a decorative element on a sporran. In this case, they are black, providing a contrasting color to the white body.
  3. Lion Rampant: The Lion Rampant is a symbol associated with Scottish heraldry. It depicts a lion standing on its hind legs, often with a crown above its head. The Lion Rampant is an iconic symbol of Scotland and is frequently used in various Scottish emblems, including those on kilts, sporrans, and other traditional attire.

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Horse hair Sporran white body black tassels Lion Rampant

Sporran has a white horsehair body and black horsehair tassels. The cantle is a plain 2″ polished chrome type and the tassel cones are polished Lion Rampant badge. Chain Straps included.


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