Dress Sporrans Rabbit Fur Thistle Cantle

  1. Material: The front of the sporran is typically made from rabbit fur, providing a soft and decorative front surface. Rabbit fur is chosen for its luxurious texture and appearance. The back of the sporran is made from leather, which provides durability and support.
  2. Cantle: The cantle is the decorative metal piece at the top of the sporran. The thistle is a popular symbol in Scottish culture, representing resilience, strength, and pride. A chrome finish on the thistle cantle adds a modern touch while still honoring tradition.

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Sporrans are made from Rabbit Fur at the front & Leather at the back. Featuring a chrome finish Thistle Cantle and 3 tassels on chains

Size : Approx. 9″ (23cm) by 8″ (20cm)


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