Dress Sporrans Seal Skin 3 Tassels

A seal skin dress sporran with three tassels is often paired with other traditional Highland dress items, such as a Prince Charlie jacket, kilt hose, and brogues, for a complete and authentic Scottish formal outfit.

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  1. Seal Skin: Seal skin is known for its durability, unique texture, and traditional significance. It is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and historical usage in Scottish attire.
  2. Three Tassels: The number and arrangement of tassels on a sporran can vary. Three tassels are common on dress sporrans, contributing to a balanced and symmetrical look. Tassels are usually made from leather or fur and can be plain or decorated with metal caps.
  3. Dress Sporran: This type of sporran is more ornate and decorative compared to day sporrans. It typically features intricate designs, metal cantles (the top part), and sometimes additional adornments such as gemstones or clan crests.


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