Scottish Piper Dirk engraved blades

Scottish piper dirk with engraved blades, you may explore specialty shops that specialize in Scottish weaponry, Highland dress accessories, or historical replicas. Additionally, you can consider reaching out to custom engravers who may be able to add personalized touches to the dirk. Always ensure that the chosen dirk aligns with any regulations or guidelines set by the organization or event where it will be used.

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This traditional handsome Scottish Dirk boasts a Crown design pommel and a nail head studded grip. The Scottish Regimental Dirk has an engraved steel blade that is 11.5 inches with a fancy sheath crested in silver tone castings. The Scottish Regimental Dirk has an overall length of 19 inches. This Scottish dirk would make a great addition to your Scottish and Celtic dagger collection.

Key Features Crown Designed Pommel , Comes With A Scabbard , Studded Grip , Engraved Steel Blade , High carbon steel blade Unsharpened , All Handmade . Measurements Overall Length: 19 Inches , Blade Length: 11.5 Inches , Handle Length: 4.5 Inches, Dagger with Scabbard Length: 19 Inches ..


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