Bb Regulation Bugle copper heavy gauge

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  1. Bb Regulation Bugle: The term “Bb” indicates the pitch of the bugle. In this case, it’s tuned to B-flat, a common pitch for bugles used in military and marching band settings. “Regulation Bugle” refers to a bugle that meets specific standards or regulations set by military or ceremonial organizations.
  2. Heavy Gauge Copper: This specifies the material and thickness of the bugle. Heavy gauge copper construction makes the bugle durable and produces a rich, resonant sound. Copper is often chosen for its durability and ability to produce a clear, bright tone.

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Bb Regulation bugle standard model copper made, heavy gauge, fully re-enforced with brass at all vital points, complete with chain and mouth piece, lacquer finish. weight 24 oz. specify if required High or Low pitch.


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